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Presenting Immer’s barley data

31st October, 2010 2 comments

Last time I talked about adapting graphs for presentations.  This time I’m putting some of the concepts I discussed there into action, with a presentation of Immer’s barley dataset.  This is a classic dataset, originally published in 1934; in 1993 Bill Cleveland mentioned it in his book Visualising Data on account of how it may contain an error.  Here’s the paper/screen version.

Immer's barley dataset, optimised for paper

Here’s the presentation.

For the record, the presentation was created with Impress and the audio recorded with Audacity. Using these tools, it’s pretty straightforward to make and share an audio presentation.


I’ve corrected the map slide. Some people also asked about the code to draw the plots. First up, I recoded the factors so that site and variety appear in order of increasing yield.

barley$variety <- with(barley, reorder(variety, yield)) 
barley$site <- with(barley, reorder(site, yield))

The plot for the graph is straightforward.

ggplot(barley, aes(yield, variety, colour = year)) +
  geom_point() +
  facet_grid(site ~ .)

The presentation version uses facet_wrap(~ site) rather than facet_grid, and the text size is increased with theme_set(theme_grey(24)).

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