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World fame awaits

After accepting the paper last November, Occupational and Environmental Medicine have finally published the paper that I co-authored: Trends in blood lead levels in UK workers, 1995 to 2007.  The gist of it is that lead is nasty, toxic stuff and we wanted to know how much of it workers get exposed to.  Alongside lead, we looked at haemoglobin levels (which supposedly decreases with increased lead levels) and zinc protoporphyrin (ZPP for short, which supposedly increases in cases of lead poisoning).  The main analysis is a linear mixed effects model, which is a variation on a bog standard regression, letting us quantify how much variation in lead levels was due to differences for a given person, and how much was due to differences between people.  My favourite bit of the paper is Figure 2B.  Given a squint and a dirty mind, it’s full-on Rorschach rude.

zpp vs lead, penis-based correlation

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