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MATLAB’s stand out new feature

6th October, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since my last MATLAB post, not because I don’t love the language, but more because I do most of my blogging from home, where I have no license, and because (mostly thanks to R-bloggers) I get ten times as many page views for the R posts. (TODO: Create MATLAB-bloggers service.)

Having returned from holiday (it was lovely, thanks for asking) I’ve been trying out the latest release of MATLAB – R2011b. So far, the standout new feature is the automatic variable renaming. If you change the name of a variable at the point where it was declared, then pressing Shift+Enter lets MATLAB rename all other instances. IDEs for statically-typed languages have had this feature for years, but to see it in a dynamically-typed language is very impressive.

MATLAB's variable auto-renaming in action